Diversity is counting the numbers,
Inclusion is making the numbers count

Boris Groysberg (Harvard Professor )

Enel - Logo

Female Empowerment and Motivation project using innovative video snacks in motion graphic format on the themes of female leadership.

Think Out of the chair: a series of highly engaging interactive workshops on the theme of attributing a new narrative to disabilities, old and new: visible and invisible

Poste Italiane - Logo

Development of a series of video pills on prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.

Development of a psychological support project in the company through video pills on managing emotions.

Video pills on the management of frailties as a path to support care givers in the company.

Ducati - Logo

Development of a series of video pills on Unconscious Bias for the entire company population, to highlight the risks associated with discrimination and the opportunities that arise in overcoming them.

Webinar on DEI values ​​for Ducati Academy

Google - Logo

Google Days: female empowerment project through workshops dedicated to women on new STEM professions through the use of Google tools.

Avanade Italy - Logo

Talent Acquisition project with focus on Women and STEM: high-level innovative online training on C, C #, Java Script and HTML languages ​​aimed at supporting you in passing the entrance tests at the Avanade Academy in Cagliari.

Allianz - Logo

Interactive webinars for the development of skills on the main issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

BNL - Logo

Distribution of our Applied Game on the themes of Diversity & Inclusion Diversity @ Work.

BNP - Logo

Development of the Custom version of Diversity @ Work completely customized both in the Look & Feel; and in the contents adapted to the customer’s needs.

Credit Agricole

Inclusive empowerment and female empowerment projects with the use of innovative motion graphic video snacks, intended for the entire company population.

Findomestic - Logo

Development of a series of video snacks on inclusive language for the entire company population.

findomestic donna - logo

Leadership project for women
Empowerment and Motivation project through interactive and stimulating online workshops on writing as a tool for personal and professional growth.

Mooney - Logo

Inclusive Leadership Project, Inclusive Leadership survey and quiz.

Gruppo Hera - Logo

Customization project of our Applied Game Diversity @ Work.

Diversity and Inclusion education project in schools using our Applied game Diversity @ School.

PMI - Logo

Talent Acquisition, Female Empowerment and Motivation project in the Philip Morris Manufacturing and Technology Bologna plant.

Gruppo Camst - Logo

Development of the Diversity @ Work videogame in a customized version based on the themes of gender diversity with a focus on career advancement of women and harassment in the workplace and onsite training for the group of executives through the use of videogames.

Leadership project for women through innovative motion graphic video snacks, with self-test quiz.

Online workshop on the topics of Inclusive Leadership.

Coop Alleanza 3.0 - Logo

Inclusive Welfare: design and development of an e-learning portal containing online training courses on the digital world, for employees and families.

Marchesini - Logo

Project of video pills on LGBTQI + themes intended for the entire company population on the occasion of Pride Month.

Kohler - Logo

Online training course about inclusive language and writing to increase the involvement of all people in the company and the “Diverse Talent Attraction” towards a company in the technology sector.

Rush - logo

Female Empowerment and Motivation: design and development of a classroom training course for Store Managers.

schiassi Logo

Brand awareness solution with the aim of investing in Diversity, through the sponsorship of a course on the B2C Work Wide Women platform.