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DEI Edugame

The gaming dynamics developed through our video games on the issues of Diverisity, Equity and Inclusion help to keep the attention high and facilitate the internalization of the contents on the proposed themes.

The method makes possible to create short alternative paths that are composed on the basis of the provided answers giving rise to different scenarios, which allow us to return personalized feedback.

Diversity @ Work
We wondered how to make DEI themes fun and how to entertain people about them. The answer we gave ourselves is Diversity @ Work: the first applied game on the themes of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. A game to reflect and learn in a dynamic, interactive and light way.
Diversity @ Work - Work Wide Women

You can find out more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation


Diversity @ School - Work Wide Women
Diversity @ School
To change the rules, you have to play with someone who hasn't written them, but is ready to invent new ones. Diversity @Shool brings the themes of DEI into the school dimension, addressing generation Z through an "ordinary" school day.

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