We are all different, which is great
because we are all unique.
Without diversity, life would be very boring

Catherine Pulsifer

We develop highly engaging and user-centric training products focused on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion issues.

Our inclusive approach is POP: we adopt high entertaining and wide reach tools: playing with concepts makes them accessible.

Get people playing make them receptive and willing to learn.

DEI Interactive Workshop

We entertain by multimedia content, we do by placing people at the center of the learning process.
Our recipe for active participation?
Highly accessible concepts, light tones, audio and video content, instant polls, games and practice tests.

I prodotti di Work Wide Women
Edugame - Work Wide Women

DEI Edugame

How to make the issues of Diverisity, Equity and Inclusion compelling and accessible to many people?
By developing video games capable of keeping attention high, facilitating the internalization of content and usable by multidevices.

DEI Academy

Do you know what produces a sense of belonging and proximity to the company? Continuous and personalized training.
By subscribing to our Corporate Academy you can offer your company unlimited access to digital courses on the main topics of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

DEI Academy - Work Wide Women
Video Snack - Work Wide Women

Video Snack

Imagine taking a break for a few minutes, what would you like? Probably something quick, tasty and satisfying.
Choose one of our video snacks: light, inclusive, made in motion graphics, it guarantees engagement, empathy and online learning in a few minutes!

Talent Attraction

The projects of different talent attraction, acquisition & retention aim to diversify standardized and stereotyped business contexts.
This is why we like to support companies in the development of highly inclusive and rewarding communication, recruiting and engagement strategies.

Talent Attraction Work Wide Women
Survey e Certificazioni Work Wide Women

Survey and Certifications

By our game quizzes and game surveys, to investigate the perceived climate with respect to the themes of DEI…it’s a fun, measurable and compatible game with your LMS!